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We are delighted to share that the winning, commended and shortlisted entries in the fourth Climate Creatives Challenge have been announced!! 

We are delighted to share that the winning, commended and shortlisted entries in the fourth Climate Creatives Challenge have been announced!! The theme of this challenge was ‘COASTAL CHANGE’.

There were entries from 56 countries around the world- wow!!!

Stronger Shores are proud to be bronze sponsors of the Climate Creatives Challenge and we are so impressed with all of the entries, ranging from poetry to sculpture, illustration, animation and real-life success stories of adaptation and resilience.

What is the Climate Creatives Challenge?

The CLIMATE CREATIVES CHALLENGE is a global initiative serving as a catalyst for innovation in climate communication. This includes a biannual international design competition, supporting new and novel approaches for communicating the impacts of climate change and the benefits of mitigation, adaptation and resilience. 
A video explaining the challenge can be found at:


1st Place 

Coasts for Kids – A transdisciplinary science communication experience

Irene Delgado-Fernandez, Lindsay Zier-Vogel,  Robin Davidson-Arnott, Sharon Zier-Vogel, Juan B. Gallego-Fernández, Marisa Martínez, Luciana Esteves, Michelle Barnes, Julie Kirk, Patrick Hesp, Nadia Sénéchal, Luis Hernández-Calvento, Graziela Miot da Silva, Christina Chislett, Nicholas O ́Keeffe and Alex Amoakoh

What the judges had to say: 

“Wickedly informative, and utterly delightful. Precious voiceovers, and learned important information in an engaging new way. I would love to continue rooting for coasts for kids well after this challenge concludes! A big, luscious yes from me!”

“This series is really wonderful and such a credit to the project team.”

“Fantastic teaching aid, pitched at the generation most affected in a wholly accessible way. Explains complex issues simply and effectively.”

2nd Place 

Dreams of the Ravaged

Breech Asher Harani

What the judges had to say: 

“A wonderful combination of film, narration, animation, clarity, despair and hope. All the more powerful as it comes from a place where climate change is real, close, and raw.”

“Impactful writing and stories brought together in a way that was creative and thought provoking.”

“Deeply communicative, emotionally evocative, and wonderfully executed.”

“Dramatic and affecting documentary, which conveys the global nature of climate change.”

3rd Place 

The Living Shoreline

Hazel Campbell

What the judges had to say: 

“Innovative and clever in its use of analogy.”

“A fantastic and heart-felt piece – the ‘mental health’ of the cliff face is something I think a lot of us can relate to in these climate-addled times..”

“Great concept I love the way the entry makes coastal erosion relatable and also seamlessly shines a light on mental health awareness..”

“The story of this eroding cliff will be resonant for many living on an eroding coastline, and the strong message about working with nature really comes through in this excellent piece.”

A video announcing the winning/commended entries can be found here: 

Congratulations to all of the winning and shortlisted entries, and to Ed and the team at The Climate Creatives Challenge for organising another fantastic competition. We are so impressed with all of the entries and we are looking forward to using some of the material as part of our engagement and communication for Stronger Shores.

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