Pint of Science Festival – Newcastle Upon Tyne

May 13
Location: Magic Hat Cafe, 3-5, Higham House, Higham Place, Newcastle NE1 8AF

The Pint of Science Festival is taking place on 13-15 May 2024. Some events at this festival are featuring talks from some of our partners so why not come along to join the discussion?

On 13 May, join us alongside the incredible Pint of Science team at the Magic Hat Cafe in Newcastle, where they are running a wonderful evening of science and, of course, pints, as we learn all about the fascinating world of modelling, with our very own Jack Duffy joining in to tell us about his work on Stronger Shores! Models help scientists to predict outcomes. We hear about them in films, on the news, but rarely in our day to day lives.

Please visit Prevention Based on Prediction: How to simulate ice sheets and coastal wave movement | Pint of Science for more information about this exciting event and to book your tickets.

We hope to see you there.

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