Oyster Monitoring Volunteering Session – Hartlepool Marina

May 30
Location: Hartlepool Marina, TS24 0YF

Join Tees Rivers Trust in their upcoming Oyster Monitoring Session at Hartlepool Marina Nursery being held on Thursday 30th May. The Tees Rivers Trust are trying to reintroduce Native Oysters back to Tees Bay where there was once a large oyster population.

The Green Recovery Challenge Fund provided Tees Rivers Trust with funding to install Native Oyster nurseries in Hartlepool Marina. The monitoring session is taking place here to help with the work Tees Rivers Trust are doing to reintroduce Native Oysters.

The monitoring session will involve checking the oyster cages for mortality, biodiversity, oyster growth and environmental characteristics.

If you are interested in joining this session please contact Henry Short on

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